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Real me.

The King of the jungle

Nursuhana Khairudin name given :) Nana for short. 16 years old enough. Tua kan? Tua nuff. Currently stay in Johor Bahru . Blow candle every 4th June . Totally taken by Shafiq!
Do you know that i very thin and short for my age? Haha right , there are :

Weight just : 43.3kg
Height just : 158cm (so short for my age)

But, i don't care because I am who I am :)

Likes and Dislikes ♥

♥God , family , friends, love
♥Make a new friendship
♥Demi Lovato forever!

-Justin Beiber crazy's fan
-Tikus mati x_x

Okay i think that's enough . My english so bad, so? soooooooo i dun kare le bwoh ;p
To all haters , iloveyou HAHA